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  • Are People Opting Out of the System?

    Over the past couple years I’ve noticed a small but increasingly vocal portion of society that has given up on their futures. In public, you’d never know who these people are. They could be your coworkers, friends or family. Many don’t publicly express their views, but anonymous channels like Reddit are allowing these people to […]

  • My Dumbest Trade

    5 Lessons for every investor

  • How would markets react to a tactical nuke?

    Warning: This article took me to dark places. I’d rather not write about this stuff, but who else is? Tomorrow morning you wake up and head downstairs. The kids are already up, but instead of watching their usual cartoon their show was interrupted by breaking news of a nuclear explosion in Kiev. What happens next? […]

  • Wages are Up 5%. Is yours?

    Wages are Up 5%. Is yours?

    Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends! Did you get your 5%? Today the US and Canada both released September 2022 employments stats: US Canada Consider this, the average wage across the country rose 5% over the last 12 months. For some, wages rose much more. 5% is what people have already received. How much did your wage increase […]

  • Real Pain

    Inflation-Adjusted Earnings Yield Lowest Since 1970s The image quality of the chart below is garbage, but I felt the information is so important that I must share it with you. The inflation-adjusted earnings yield on the S&P 500 is at its lowest point since the 1970s! The earnings yield (which happens to be the inverse […]

  • I’ve got bad news, and worse news

    I’ve got bad news and I’ve got worse news. The bad news: the world doesn’t possess the known commodity reserves (e.g. copper, lithium, nickel) required to transition to green energy sources (see Professor Eliot Jacobson’s tweet below). These materials are needed to build batteries, solar panels, etc. The worse news: since the raw materials don’t exist in […]

  • Economic and Market Charts

    1: The gap between 10yr and 1yr Treasury yields has been decidedly negative for weeks. According to Wells Fargo, “when this spread turns negative for at least four weeks or the curve inverts by more than 25 basis points, we view this a strong indication that a recession is likely within the next 12 months […]

  • $150 oil?

    On January 20th, 2022 I wrote a short post suggesting $100 oil could be in our future. Just over a month later I was right. (Sometimes it happens.) In the business of investing you only need to be right 51% of the time to make a living. Let your winners ride and limit your losses. […]

  • 55% of US Millennials earning $250k+ live paycheque to paycheque

    You’ve worked hard. You’ve earned that $70,000 car. You deserve that $3000 purse. You need those $10,000 vacations to recharge. Don’t you? It’s fun to spend money, but the dopamine hit quickly fades. To get that feeling, you need to spend more. And more. Some call it ‘retail therapy’. Others call it an addiction. Sadly, […]