Gain Time by Exercising and Living Healthy

There is a limited amount of time in the day and you’re too busy building your career or business to go to the gym, right? Every minute you spend working out is a minute you could be coming up with the next big idea or working on your next presentation, right?


I’m about to virtually add time to your day and to your life.

Health and success are not mutually exclusive. Look around at some of the most successful people in the world: CEOs, entertainers, artists, and so on. A majority of them also take care of their health.

There are a few reasons for this. First, these people tend to be well-educated and therefore understand how important it is to eat well and exercise. Second, anyone who has achieved some level of success usually wants to be around long enough to enjoy it. The third reason, however, is the one missed by most. The final reason – perhaps the most important reason – these people live a healthy lifestyle is because it helps create their success.

Exercising helps prevent disease and keeps you trim, but, according to the Mayo Clinic, exercising also provides the following benefits (quotes taken from the Mayo Clinic website):

– It improves your mood: “Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem.”

– Exercise boosts energy: “Exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to go about your daily chores.”

Imagine starting your work day in a better mood with more energy. So by spending roughly 1.5-2.5hrs of your week at the gym you are able to gain hours of additional productivity every single day.

Remember, this isn’t just about work. This is about having energy for your entire life – work, kids, spouse, hobbies. So while your unfit colleagues trudge through the day like zombies, go home and collapse on the couch you can make the most of every waking hour. In a way, you’ve gained time in your day by making each minute more meaningful.

Investing Life

Dying Words of T Boone Pickens

Thomas Boone Pickens Jr. (May 22, 1928 – September 11, 2019) was an American business magnate and financier. Pickens chaired the hedge fund BP Capital Management. He was a well-known takeover operator and corporate raider during the 1980s. As of November 2016, Pickens had a net worth of $500 million.

Before his death, Pickens wrote his last words to be published on LinkedIn by his foundation after he passed.

The entire post is much longer, but below is the key excerpt. In it, Pickens lists his secrets to success and building wealth:

– A good work ethic is critical.

– Don’t think competition is bad, but play by the rules. I loved to compete and win. I never wanted the other guy to do badly; I just wanted to do a little better than he did.

– Learn to analyze well. Assess the risks and the prospective rewards, and keep it simple.

– Be willing to make decisions. That’s the most important quality in a good leader: Avoid the “Ready-aim-aim-aim-aim” syndrome. You have to be willing to fire.

– Learn from mistakes. That’s not just a cliché. I sure made my share. Remember the doors that smashed your fingers the first time and be more careful the next trip through.

– Be humble. I always believed the higher a monkey climbs in the tree, the more people below can see his ass. You don’t have to be that monkey.

– Don’t look to government to solve problems — the strength of this country is in its people.

– Stay fit. You don’t want to get old and feel bad. You’ll also get a lot more accomplished and feel better about yourself if you stay fit. I didn’t make it to 91 by neglecting my health.

– Embrace change. Although older people are generally threatened by change, young people loved me because I embraced change rather than running from it. Change creates opportunity.

– Have faith, both in spiritual matters and in humanity, and in yourself. That faith will see you through the dark times we all navigate.


Vacation is Stressful

I just took a week’s vacation. After being back at work for two days, I am wiped out!

I thought I was supposed to feel recharged and ready for my next challenge after a vacation?!?

The reality is, there’s no such thing as going back to work refreshed.

Instead, you go back to work after a vacation and get destroyed because your body has forgotten how to operate on 20% less sleep and 100% more stress. It’s a shock to the system that leaves you craving more time off.

But wait…there’s more!

After returning to work from a vacation you are inundated by people trying to update you on all the shit that went down in your absence. Upon your return, colleagues will also take advantage by dumping work on you.

Worse yet, you return to an inbox containing hundreds of unread emails that only punctuate the insanity of what you do for a living, now that you’ve had a few days away to gain perspective. 

Of course, that is only looking at the tail end of your vacation. The days leading up to vacation are spent working overtime to wrap up tasks and ensure projects don’t go off the rails in your absence. 

Going on vacation is stressful. Returning from vacation is stressful.

Some try to keep ahead and ease the stress of their return by checking emails while away. God help you if you make this mistake. Every minute you  check emails requires 5 minutes to decompress from work insanity. Anytime ive checked my emails while on holiday I immediately felt a flood of stress hormones cascade through my body, easily ruining a half day. Don’t make that mistake.

I’m starting to think it’s almost not worth taking a vacation at all. Still, you won’t catch me handing my hard earned vacation days back to my employer. It is valuable family time that is worth a little stress.