Is it Worth Sending Your Child to Private School?

Is it worth sending your child to private school? The average cost of private school tuition across the United States is $9,638 for elementary school and $14,522 for high school. (Source: Private School Review) Assuming your kid goes to private school from age 4 (junior kindergarten) to age 17 (the end of high school) and […]

Growing Up Gen X

Featured Image: Oscar the Grouch (arguably the Gen X mascot) with Caroll Spinney, who played him until 2015. Spinney died on December 8th, 2019. This article is dedicated to him. If you were to believe mainstream media, the only two generations to ever exist are Baby Boomers and the children of Baby Boomers (Millennials). The […]

Police Officer: How to Protect Your Wealth from Thieves

This comes straight from the writing of a police officer on Reddit, who was answering the following question on how to protect your wealth from thieves: “Former burglars of reddit, where is one place people should never hide valuables?” Here is his answer: Hiding your valuables is fine, but ideally you don’t want to get […]

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