Month: April 2022

  • Almost half of Nasdaq Stocks Down 50%

    NASDAQ Composite is officially in a bear market

  • A nuclear war cannot be won

    We can all agree that a nuclear war cannot be won. Yet, the Russia-Ukraine war is quickly escalating. Russia just announced it will cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria starting April 27th. The West is arming Ukraine. And threats are being made by all involved. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, […]

  • The Resurrection of Paul Volcker

    1: The recent lockdowns throughout China are reigniting the process that led to supply chain issues throughout the world. The number of idle ships in Shanghai has skyrocketed over the past few weeks. This means more shipping delays, missing parts and sparse shelves. In other words, higher prices. It’s one thing after another with this inflation problem. […]

  • Canada is f@cked

    Well, let’s start off by saying Canada is f@cked. The chart below compares growth of disposable income and housing prices for the US and Canada. One look at the chart and you can see that something is seriously wrong. Leave a comment The implications are profound. If house prices in Canada don’t decline in a […]

  • Stock performance during rate hike cycles

    1: Interest rates tend to rise when the economy is doing well. Initially, rising rates don’t slow the economy but over time the pressure builds, forcing businesses to cut back capital investment reducing economic growth. It is often near this point that stocks enter a bear market. This entire process can take months to years […]