Month: March 2022

  • Food Riots, Debt Defaults, Stagflationary Funk

    1: The countries most dependent on Russian and Ukrainian wheat are also the most sensitive to price increases, with food between 25% and 40% of family budgets. As wheat prices skyrocket and shortages loom, families with limited resources may soon need to make very difficult decisions. As the pressure on family budgets rises and personal […]

  • Back to the USSR

    1: Did you know the S&P/TSX reached a new high this week? With many investors selling due to the invasion, this milestone snuck by without many noticing. Fact is, the Canadian stock market has a heavy weight to energy and materials sectors – both of which are performing well due to skyrocketing prices. From a somewhat disturbing […]

  • Oil imports, Canadian Housing Bubble, Inflation

    1: Despite the rhetoric around banning Russian oil, in 2021 only 3% of US oil imports came from Russia. In fact, oil imports from all sources – except Canada – shrank over the past 16 years. 2: Canadian real estate continues to appreciate, with the average home price rising almost 30% year-over-year to the end of February. New listings […]

  • Alarm bells are ringing

    I don’t mean to sound alarmist but I guess I’m getting alarmed by what’s happening in the commodities markets. Over the past couple weeks, commodity prices have gone through the roof. The inflation we just experienced over the past 18 months appears to be worsening as conflict is creating supply risks across everything from oil to potash […]