Manulife Investment Management on Dividend Growth Strategy

I follow a wide range of investing podcasts, journalists, pundits and more. When I come across one I think my readers would like, I share.

This recent podcast by Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist, Manulife Investment Management, covers the dividend growth investing strategy.

As chief investment strategist and head of capital markets research, Philip has a range of investment strategy responsibilities, from market and economic analysis to investor education. He analyzes and interprets the economy and markets on behalf of Manulife Investment Management and works with the portfolio management teams to provide clients and investment intermediaries with guidance and commentary on strategies, and asset allocation weightings.

What happens when a dividend growth strategy is applied to exchange-traded funds (ETFs)? In this episode of Investments Unplugged, Brett Hryb, Head of Beta Management at Manulife Investment Management, joins host Philip Petursson to talk about this and related topics, including:

  • portfolio building and management
  • dividend payout ratios
  • blending active and passive investment strategies
  • what equity investors should consider.

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