4 Dividend Growth Opportunities To Benefit From Market Decline

Some of you may know that I occasionally write articles for Seeking Alpha. To be honest I do this to draw attention to DumbWealth.com and to generate a little extra income.

I normally don’t promote these articles on DumbWealth, but this particular one seemed to get a lot of interest from dividend investors so I figured I’d let you know.


  • Stocks are on sale. Yet many allow emotions to get in the way of their investing success.
  • Research shows that the best long-term investing strategy is to invest when you have the money. Avoid market timing.
  • I neither have the time nor energy to track my investments constantly. I look for solid dividend growth companies I can buy and forget about.
  • I’ve identified four dividend growth companies that are currently trading 12-34% below their YTD highs and are worthy of further consideration.

Read my full article on Seeking Alpha

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