20 US Dividend Champions with Fastest Growing Dividends

Dividend champions are companies that have consistently increased dividends for at least 25 years.

The current full list includes over 100 stocks, some of which may be on their last legs soon to end their dividend streaks. Instead of providing the entire list, to make it more meaningful I cut it down to the companies that have grown their dividends the fastest over the past five years.

Fast dividend growth implies fast and sustainable cash-flow growth. No executive is going to grow dividends by 10, 15, 20% if they don’t think it can be sustained. So a fast rate of dividend growth gives me greater confidence in the future prospects for the companies.

US Dividend Champions: Highest 5yr Dividend Growth Rates

NameSymbolStreak YrsAug 31/20 PriceYieldQtly Div5yr Growth10yr Growth
A.O. Smith Corp.AOS26$48.971.96$0.2424.5721.50
Cintas Corp.CTAS37$333.240.77$2.5524.5718.43
Lowe’s CompaniesLOW58$164.691.46$0.6020.2319.39
Illinois Tool WorksITW46$197.552.31$1.1418.4612.62
Roper Technologies Inc.ROP27$427.190.48$0.5118.2518.81
NACCO IndustriesNC35$20.503.76$0.1917.9113.47
Franklin ResourcesBEN40$21.065.13$0.2716.7214.02
Hormel Foods Corp.HRL53$50.981.82$0.2316.0016.03
Sherwin-Williams Co.SHW42$671.050.80$1.3415.4912.28
Computer Services Inc.CSVI49$60.001.67$0.2515.4715.79
Lincoln Electric HoldingsLECO25$96.712.03$0.4915.3613.29
BancFirst Corp. OKBANF26$44.002.91$0.3213.9510.61
Carlisle CompaniesCSL44$130.951.60$0.5313.8811.07
S&P Global Inc.SPGI47$366.420.73$0.6713.709.74
Nordson Corp.NDSN57$186.490.84$0.3913.4814.51
Automatic Data Proc.ADP44$139.092.62$0.9113.3910.61
VF Corp.VFC47$65.752.92$0.4812.7613.04
Jack Henry & AssociatesJKHY30$165.421.04$0.4312.7016.75
Canadian National RailwayCNI25$104.581.66$0.4412.3313.77
Medtronic plcMDT43$107.472.16$0.5812.2010.23

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  1. Tom

    Great list. I’m a big fan of dividend growth investing. I put money into several Dividend Champions, Aristocrats and Contender for more than 20 years and it worked well. That’s why I’ve created a nice monthly updated Excel-Spreadsheet of the 1.000 best long-term dividend growth stocks in order to find the best stocks. You find the list on my blog. My advice is: be patient and don’t overpay a stock. Finally look more on growth than on yield. Thank you for the great article. Good work.


    1. Dumb Wealth

      Thanks and it sounds like we have a similar thesis. I’m much happier buying and holding companies that are well-run and will be around for the next few decades. Passive income (as opposed to active trading income) is what I like.

      I’l check out your list. Thanks for sharing.