Where are the Black People in Finance II

I recently wrote an article asking “Where are the Black People in Finance?“. In that article I pointed out how few black people work in finance due to implicit and explicit racial bias.

While few in the investments industry would overtly call themselves ‘racist’, the environment is structured so that black people self-select out of the pool of potential candidates. As a people-manager, not only have I worked with few black people I have interviewed few black people. People simply opt out of a game at which they feel they are bound to lose. Read the full article here.

Earlier today I listened to a Bloomberg podcast investigating this very issue: Being Black on Wall Street. Unlike my article, which was from my eyes, the Bloomberg podcast shares experiences directly from black people who have worked in finance.

I think there’s no better way to understand and empathize than to hear directly from those affected. I’ve shared the podcast below:

Being Black on Wall Street: A Bloomberg Radio Special

On Wall Street, being Black often means being alone, held back and deprived of the best opportunities. This special podcast from Bloomberg Radio tells the stories of Black men and women, in their own words.

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