Free Skills Training

Perhaps you’ve been laid off. Or maybe you want to add to your toolbox of skills to make yourself more marketable in an uncertain economy. Microsoft, Github and LinkedIn recently made available free skills training for 10 different learning paths to build practical knowledge for in-demand careers.

The lessons are provided via a number of videos (e.g. ‘Become a Project Manager’ path includes 11 videos), requiring dozens of hours of commitment. This is real learning for those who make the most of it.

Once you complete a learning path you will receive a certificate.

True, you’re not getting a degree or diploma, but many of the learning paths offered don’t necessarily require one. Moreover, these learning paths can complement your existing formal training while elevating your skills to 2020.

I believe the courses are connected to your LinkedIn account, so you might need to be logged in to access them. Below are the 10 free learning paths offered:

  1. Software developer – Become a Software Developer
  2. Sales representative – Become a Sales Representative
  3. Project manager – Become a Project Manager
  4. IT Administrator – Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification
  5. Customer service specialist – Become a Customer Service Specialist
  6. Digital marketer – Become a Digital Marketing Specialist
  7. IT support/help desk – Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification   
  8. Data analyst  – Become a Data Analyst
  9. Financial analyst – Become a Financial Analyst
  10. Graphic designer – Become a Graphic Designer

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