19 Charts To Start the Week

The following charts provide a snapshot of the latest data and trends driving markets and the economy. Stay tuned.

Daily US Covid-19 tests:

US Mortgage rates rose (?) into the crisis:

A chart you thought you’d never see – US jobless claims skyrocket:

Decline in private sector activity in the US:

Eurozone collapse in business activity:

As unprecedented monetary stimulus launched, size of the US Federal Reserve balance sheet skyrockets:

European consumers just beginning to wake up to their new reality:

Japanese business activity collapsing as key trading partners shut down:

March job losses predicted to be 150,000. Way more to come:

Pre-coronavirus unemployment rates in US and Canada:

Where will super-low oil prices (Western Canadian Select reportedly trading around $7) lead the CAD/USD:

The demise of the Alberta tar sands represented by one chart:

The Bank of Canada is at the quantitative easing party:

Vanguard’s buy-and-hold investors increased trading during the turmoil, but overall trading remains very low. Clearly these investors are committed to the passive plan:

Central bank firepower. Canada and US a long way from ‘turning Japanese’:

Restaurants worldwide are getting killed:

Potential treatments for Covid-19:

Covid-19 fiscal stimulus as a percent of GDP…so far:

10 year equity return forecasts trending upward as prices decline:

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