15 Charts: Covid-19 Coronavirus Carnage

A picture is worth 1000 words. So these 15 charts are worth at least 5 minutes of your time.

Sector performance:

True core bond funds have provided strong diversification from equities in recent periods of volatility

Investors are extremely bearish:

Fastest increase in volatility – ever:

Market performance after big increases in volatility:

Rise and fall of coronavirus cases in China and the US:


Unemployment claims have already started to spike:

Past bear markets and their recoveries:


Markets on average have historically performed OK after the VIX spikes above 40:

Central bank rate cuts since January 2020:

Central Bank Moves YTD

Real GDP forecast for US:

Real GDP forecast for Canada:

Trajectory of Covid-19 cases around the world:

Trajectory of spread of Covid-19 in different countries

The current market drawdown is very, very fast:

How long can they keep up the fight? Russia and Saudi Arabia FX reserves:

How long did it take to erase the losses of previous market declines?


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