2 Things You Should Always Do At Work

Of course, there are many habits that will help you become successful in your career, but here are two that have helped me: 

1. Write lists. This helps you remember and track what needs to be done and what has been completed. Lists will help you become someone that delivers and gets things done. The psychology of a list puts pressure on you to finish things on the list. No list? Tasks are easily forgotten and dismissed. 

2. Be early. I’m not a morning person, but there have been periods in which I was the first one into the office every day. During those periods I felt like I was a couple steps ahead of everyone else. By the time other people strolled in an hour or so after me, I would have already completed a number of tasks. Also, I’d have a coffee under my belt so I’d be fully awake while the later arrivers drag their arses around. Being early also gives the general impression that you have it together and that you’re a hard worker. Hell, go to work early and just read the news if you want. You’ll still benefit from the perception. For me, another reason to show up early is because I am super-productive in the mornings – I’m fresh and there are few distractions. What takes me 10 minutes at 8am seems to take 40 minutes at 5pm.

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