14 Charts on the Crisis at Hand

The deepest recession since the Great Depression.

CIBC Economics forecast for the Canadian economy:

Bank of Canada forecasts an annualized decline in Canadian GDP of over 40% for its best case scenario. Over 70% for its most severe forecast:

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Home resales and listings in Canada. Listings are generally down with minimal impact on resales. Expect things to worsen over the next couple months:

What the Bank of Canada is buying:

Investing assumptions and market leadership has evolved over the decades:

World GDP decline today vs 2009. Worlds apart:

Most are still expecting a sharp but short economic contraction:

Change in employment by Canadian province:

Federal deficits as a percent of GDP are going to be huge in the US and Canada:

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? It will take a very long time to recover these job losses. And the losses have just started:

The scariest economic chart I’ve ever seen. Almost 17 million job losses in 3 weeks:

Air travel has ground to a halt:

Markets tend to bottom before the economy:

Equities typically peak months before a recession, but can bounce back quickly

Travel in China is slowly returning to normal:

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